|  July 26, 2011

This kid right here is what I think the evolution of hip hop is & a perfect example of #LetDatYoungBoyCook.  I know you hip hop ‘purist’ (save hiphop these nuts n*gga) is gonna have they panties in a bunch over this 1…But, wait, hold on gimme a second….. Oh yeah NO ONE CARES BOUT WHAT YA’LL N*GGAS SAY ANYWAY… This kid got the look of a punk rocker, the #Swag of a dude that just got head from your girl in the bathroom (while you went to get her a vodka tonic) & his music is that of a STAR!!!!

Check out his new free album Leaving Home & if you in the NY area check him out at Highline Ballroom Aug. 23rd. #SwaggedThaFuccOut.



T. Mills Leaving Home


01. Oh Just like Me [prod. Noel Zancalla]
02. Vans On [prod. Omen & AudioBlack] – Stream
03. Can’t Take Your Eyes off Me [prod. The Futuristics]
04. Hollywood [prod. Colin Munroe] – Stream
05. LA it Down [prod. Neal Pogue, Jai-Dig & FultonYard]
06. Name All On It [prod. Kadis & Sean]
07. Scandalous [prod. SoFly & Nius] – Stream
08. Pillow Talk [prod. Neal Pogue, FultonYard & Kent J]
09. Smoke and Mirrors [prod. Phonix]
10. Leaving Home [prod. Colin Munroe]


  • Spocky

    another rapping white boy with tattoos and a weed habit….fuck outta here…


    This dude looks like he wants a dick in his earlobe