Swag Watch: Troy Ave

 |  January 30, 2012
Story by RuddyRock:
In a “New” New York, where being a rapper on the NY scene means being a wave rider or a straight up male groupie.. Troy Ave out of Brooklyn, NY is defying this new trend in NY rap, with no ‘cool’ clothing brand co-signs just a straight organic from the streets up hustle that’s got his name buzzing from Brooklyn street cats to LA industry cats.
Harry Powder aka Troy Ave has the personality of real hustler from the 80’s with the aura of a swagged out dude in 2012. Spitting coke raps that’ll bring you right back to the block, his mixtape “Bricks In My Backpack 2” has everyone checking for what he’s coming with next.
With so many lames running round faking like they represent NY’s rap scene, I figure we shed some light on THE REAL cats in NYC’s rap scene.