|  November 11, 2008

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I laughed when I read this on TMZ about how T Pain is refusing to answer any more than one question in his interviews about Lil Wayne. Jive who houses T Pain also expressed to various media outlets that the Auto Tune spokesman will not talk about who he wants to work with or his own fave artists either. This is not the first time journalists have been told what to ask and what not to ask in interviews by artists/entertainers that get a little irate at being asked repetitive questions etc. But doesn’t this go with the job? If you don’t want to be asked questions don’t do interviews, if you want the press/media to interview you then make sure you are doing something that makes them steer clear of generic questions such as the ones T Pain is up in arms about.
If I was to interview T Pain right now here are a couple of my questions, think he might answer them?
* Can we expect to see you on Maury any time soon over the paternity of the strippers kids?
* What was the significance of your entrance to the MTV Awards on the back of the elephant?
* Are you or your stylist color blind?
I can’t deal with artists like this man and one thing journalists (true journalists that is) don’t like, is being told what they can and can’t ask. So boooo to T Pain today. Maybe he is finally getting that he is not as relevant as he thinks

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/mr702 mister702

    Damn, HHJ I gotta say thanks for not bitching out and going with the popular mindset. T Pain is not as dope as the radio would like you to believe. I am sick of this guy. His songs suck, His vids suck and his sense of fashion sucks. Are we supposed to believe that the way he dresses is dope? I can’t wait till his 15 mins of fame are over. Here’s one for the journalists….I’m don’t wanna talk about T Pain no more!!!!

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/TapeDeck MAMASAID

    man why the fuck you asking tpain about lil wayne I would get annoyed to you interviewing tpain do you job aint his fault you cant get a interview wit lil wayne