Azealia Banks is a pure talent, there’s no question about that. Sadly, however, she appears more invested engaging in Twitter beefs than putting out quality music. We all know she’s capable of it, as we’ve seen her do it before. And with the release of her new song “Chasing Time” one might assert that she’s attempting somewhat of a “comeback” following her public fallout. We just hope she’s committed to this. After the jump.

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This reminds us strongly of Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” video with the desert surrounding and vague chase scenes. Azealia Banks does these things intentionally, placing herself in the hip-hop realm while rhyming at a crazy high-hat pace more fit for EDM. It’s for the b-girls and the biker gangs. Check the video after the jump.
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You already know what it is with me and the Harlem phenom spitter. Azealia sits with Peter Rosenberg to discuss her process as she readies the next project Broke With Expensive Taste. I’m sure her record will have an incredible impact on the music world, with hip-hop feeling some of its ripples. Video after the jump.
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The 2013 Governor’s Ball Music Festival had one of the craziest lineups of any Summer music festival. To call it epic would be an understatement. That is until a torrential downpour hit the tri-state area forcing much anticipated acts like Pretty Lights, Kings of Leon, and Erykah Badu to cancel their outdoor performances. Regardless, thousands of fans attended the weekend’s events and most of them left with an earful of dope music and clothes covered with mud. iHIpHop was on-hand to catch all of the weekend’s festivities including performances by Kanye West, Nas, Freddie Gibbs, Azaealia Banks, Animal Collective, Thievery Corporation and more. All photos by Lucas Farrar / Far Fetched Future.

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