|  September 10, 2008

Ok so he kind of excused himself for talking out the face about the Republican Vice President hopeful when he invited himself to play ice hockey with her but not quite sure how he will talk his way out of this one. Sean Combs went on camera …YET AGAIN and was mouthing off about the price of gas and how much it is costing high fliers like himself to fill up their private jets. Well surprise surprise, Puffy doesnt actually own his own private jet like he would have us believe.

TMZ found out that Sean Combs name is not on any list that specifies he has his own private jet and those aviation peeps don’t mess around with their data. Oh well I guess Diddy better get used to flying commercial after all or try and catch a ride with Luda I guess. Sean Combs


 |  September 1, 2008



I can understand Diddy’s frustration at McCains choice in running mate, but still, Diddy needs to find a few more nouns other than Alaska and sentences other than ‘Bugging the f**k out.’ All for youtube and people having their chance to shine on camera for a few seconds but Diddy needs to use one of these reality shows he has the monopoly on to find himself a producer for these blog vids he keeps posting as they seem to be getting worse each time.

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