For one of the most interesting Feature Rappers of the last five years, the crowd is unusually tame about Chainz’s cameo spots. That may be the risk of riding other songs but having a limited popular catalog of his own. He relies on hot songs to be present among the fans, so when those songs cool, his impression does too. Luckily, people always love strippers. Click the video for his full 26 minute set.

“I know how to make ‘perfect’.” Mr. West is in the building. And he’s doing interviews. Zane Lowe sits down with Kanye for an exclusive talk with the now-public artists. After years of avoiding interviews, it seems Yeezy’s found his stride with careful press appointments like this one. It must be the Dad thing.

Earlier this month, Pharrell Williams hosted the Fashion’s Night Out party at the BBC / ICECREAM store in Soho. Pharrell mingled with fans while Mark McNairy’s collaboration on Bee Line, Don C’s NY hats, and exclusive FNO pieces were featured throughout the night.

In a recent interview with the BBC R&B singing sensation, the hat wearing Ne Yo explained how until he left America he didn’t realize how big the world was. (NOTE TO SCHOOLS…TEACH MORE GEOGRAPHY). Talking on expanding his fan base with up and coming third album Year of the Gentleman, Ne Yo had this to say on his understanding of life beyond his back yard.

“I didn’t realize until I got out of America how small it is compared to the rest of the world. Take the World Cup – it’s the biggest thing on the planet everywhere else but America. We came over here right in the midst of it in 2006, and you could get killed if you walked into a bar with the wrong jersey on! It was amazing to see how America is so much in its own box. But once I got out I thought: “Hey, forget America – this is the rest of the world! This is a huge planet!”.

We are pleased he has made that discoveryNe Yo.