50 Cent’s new album Before I Self Destruct, set for a December 9th release, will be accompanied by a movie by the same name that will be directed and produced by 50.  The movie will not be autobiographical, but will aim to illustrate what he is referring to as “urban life” in a new light.  Tracks from the album will not be included in the movie.  Instead, he penned a separate score for the film and had unsigned artists record the vocals.

Additional Reporting by Rashaan Meador


 |  August 27, 2008

If you aren’t familiar with the infamous Lola Love then you must be surfing the net with your eyes closed as this chick is everywhere. Anyhow turns out Miss Love is going to be appearing a long side G Unit’s boss man 50 Cent in his new movie Before I Self-Destruct.

The movie is said to directed and produced by 50 who made his acting debut in  Get Rich or Die Trying  back in 2005 which was directed by Jim Sheridan. Lola Love

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