|  August 6, 2008

And who said money can buy you whatever you want? Looks like Sean Combs is having issues with securing relationships with all the media attention he gets. The Bad Boy spoke out in a recent interview saying that because he is linked to so many different women it can actually interfere with the women that he really wants to be talking to. Now is this for real or is this just a cover up for his alleged relationship with Cassie? It was only last week that there rumors the two were secretly engaged. Either way, poor Diddy, I guess the old saying of it being tough at the top is true after all.Maybe he needs to check out this dating agency, sure he could find someone for himself on there who is looking to hook up with someone who is more interested is his bank balance than who he is linked todiddy/cassie www.sugardaddie.com


 |  August 5, 2008

Regardless of if Diddy is her man or not, you can guarantee with those lips and that body, Cassie has no concerns in finding a man of her very own and not one that comes with a whole load of baggage. I would call four kids, two baby Moms and a serious aversion to commitmentcassie 1cass2cass3 baggage. Here she is in all her glory on the cover of Complex this month.


 |  July 25, 2008

Thats what the word is anyhow, this story should make a very interesting theme for Kim Porter’s reality show. I am sure Kim is drowning her sorrows with her paternity lawyers and shots of patron right about now. How long did she wait for Diddy to pop the question? How many kids later?

All I can say is I hope his Momma gets a new stylist before the wedding happens as she was out in the Hamptons at some Simmons affair looking horrific in this purple get uppurple haze. wedding bells

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