Fashion Forward: Supra

 |  August 28, 2008

I recently read a blurb about sneaker company Supra in Complex Magazine, which told people to not wait for Jay-Z to tell them it’s cool, and to trust that it is. I’ll extend that by saying, don’t let anyone tell you what’s cool, but I’ll suggest which companies are hot right about now.

With that being said, Supra was started by professional skateboarder Chad Muska a few years back, and has recently caught fire after Lil’ Wayne was donned head-to-toe in Supra at the BET Awards, and everyone from Nas to Mickey Factz has expressed their love for the brand.

As of now, footwear is what they’re primarily known for, and they have models for skaters and for non-skaters. The models include Suprano, Suprano High, Diablo, Skylow, SkyTop, Sport, Cali, Cruzer, Cuban, Vaider and Vulk-Low. All the models come in several color ways and they all have a unique look to them. Check out the website here.