As predicted, Wale walked away with victor of this week’s hip-hop chart race, as he moved well over 150k units of his sophomore album, Ambition. That’s quite a feat considering his debut, Attention Deficit, only sold 28,000 in its opening week back in 2009. It’s no secret that the Insane Clown Posse has an enormous cult following. Their fan base continually buys records; even if those records are compilations of previously released material. The face-painted Michigan group sold nearly 3,000 copies of their ‘greatest features’ album. What’s most interesting is that their fans copped nearly all physical copies of the album. On a related note, watch out for those Juggalos; they’re a dangerous gang….Producer Black Milk and Detroit MC Danny Brown had a fairly impressive outing this week, as their collaborative project which has the runtime of an EP sold over 800 units. The reason this is particularly noteworthy is because the group basically gave the album away for free by spreading a stream of the album prior to its release, so I guess the people liked what they heard. Check back next week as Mac Miller is sure to dominate the charts with the release of his full-length debut, Blue Slide Park.

Wale “Ambition” – 163,889 (42% digital) [read review]

Insane Clown Posse “Featuring Freshness” – 2,917 (5% digital)

Black Milk & Danny Brown “Black & Brown” – 832 (72% digital)

Idle Warship“Habit Of The Heart” – 464 (75% digital)

Torae“For The Record” – 411 (96% digital)

#NP Labor Day Weekend Theme Music

 |  September 2, 2011

These are some of the songs I will be slapping this Labor Day Weekend. What you got?

Sir Michael RocksCell Dope
“Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe” Line em up.

Danny BrownI will
This beat is swagged up and the lyrical content is perfect. #swishergang


Juicy JStoner’s Night
Roll up. #loud


Boldy JamesLong Run
Best street rapper out right now.


Main AttrakionzVegetables
My dudes, Main Attrakionz, swagged up.


Enjoy the weekend, brah.

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