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Cool James and 50 Let Their Heart Beat

LL has been releasing some tracks from his upcoming final album Exit 13 lately, and the latest installment is “Feel My Heart Beat” featuring 50 Cent. The track is pretty bouncy and sound like it could be a single, and 50 lends yet another quality hook to his cohort. The idea of the song is LL hitting on a girl, apparently. I have to admit, I hate when rappers have wives and children and are still rapping about this shit, but so be it. He’s not the first, and he won’t be the last. So download the track below and let us know what you guys think. perspective‘s two cents:  Twenty bucks says these guys spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror admiring each others pecs, and then made out just to see what it would feel like. LL Cool J feat. 50 Cent – “Feel My Heart Beat” To Preview Track Click Here

The Cool Kids Deliver Some Fire

Rap duo The Cool Kids has been getting some major buzz lately. After months and months of releasing singles, they finally released their first project, entitled The Bake Sale EP. The EP was sold on iTunes and in Best Buy and other retailers, and actually sold pretty well for the independent artists. The Kids are currently touring all over the world, and are still releasing new material. Their latest venture is a partnership with Mountain Dew, with whom they released a single called “Delivery Man.” Basically, Mountain Dew is supporting their music by sponsoring their creation, and not even getting anything in return. No e-mail required, no payment required, just free music! Download the song below, and look for another Cool Kids project in the works. I recently heard they were offered a 360 by Def Jam, here’s to hoping they don’t take it. The Cool Kids – “Delivery Man” To Preview Track Click Here


Welcome back to the world of official release days Joe. See inside for the full cover art for the up and coming Padded Room


We see her on the cover of damn near every magazine on the newstand but the former business manager of Rihanna is insinuating that the sultry wifey of Chris Brown might be in need of some financial assistance very soon. Patricia Williams who was up until very recently handling the singers financial arrangements was fired after Rihanna discovered only $20,000 in her account. Now PW is saying that Def Jam are not looking after Rhianna financially (surprise surprise) and all the money she makes from her endorsements etc are being spent by her manager on her albums and videos, without of course Rihanna’s approval. The trials and tribulations of being a recording artist today I guess.


Here is a brief update as to what our fave celebs are up to when it comes to their business. Sean Combs – He may be unlucky in love but he sure is successful when it comes to his smells. After the success of Sean John, Diddy has gone on to develop yet another fragrance. This one is called I am King…not too sure about the name, but then wasn’t too stuck on the shiny suits either but they def made a lasting impression. Beyonce – Shame Jayonce hasn’t had the success with her clothing line that her husband has had with his. Word is, House of Dereon is closing its doors and I can’t say I am surprised as some of the lines available from the Knowles women were not what you would expect from a fashionista such as Bey Z. Def Jam – Take away the new age King and Queen of R&B Ne Yo and Rihanna, Def Jam really isn’t doing much these days but to add a new twist to their marketing and promotions they are planning on utilizing the big screen to promote up and coming albums from their artists by previewing their videos before, during and after movies. I am sure Meth, the Roots and Ghostface are on the top of the list to recieve that extra boost. Lil Jon – The King of Crunk has managed to secure his masters in his new deal with Orchard, the company that bought out TVT earlier this year. Nice to see labels making situations somewhat easier for artists.


After his highly publicized departure from Def Jam, it appears that Joe Budden is ready to rub salt in the labels faces with the projects he has in the works. His tenure at the label will always be to many Hip-Hop aficionados a total waste of five years for the New Jersey lyricist. His next album Padded Room, which is being released through Amalgam will be available in both digital and CD format and will feature the Touch and Go track which was released earlier this year.The track garnered mixed reviews from fans, some of which were disappointed that Joe had recorded something more suitable for the club than the streets, but here at IHipHop…we love the joint and can’t wait to check out the video which will be hitting the net next month.

Even More Hotness from Freeway

A couple days ago, I mentioned Freeway had just leaked a new freestyle over an old Ray Cash beat, and Free is right back at it. There are rumors floating around that Free is prepping a new album called Freedom of Speech, so all of these leaks are starting to make sense. Free is definitely consistent with his flow and uses his raspy voice to its fullest value. Check out a new track from Free, “Will I Ever Be,” below. Freeway – “Will I Ever Be”

Juelz Dipsets to Def Jam

The entire Dipset crew, including Cam’Ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, have been struggling for a little while now. After Jim’s subpar performance with his last solo and Byrdgang album, and with Cam’Ron getting lyrically assaulted by 50 Cent, the crew that once brought us “Oh Boy” and other Rocafella smashes has hit hard times.  Dipset’s golden boy was always Juelz, and after waiting and waiting for the mysterious Juelz/Lil’ Wayne album, and for a solo comeback from Juelz, fans may actually have reason to get excited. According to Miss Info, Cam’Ron has sold Juelz’s contract to Def Jam Records for $2 million and Juelz has signed a 50/50 deal with the label.Juelz also went on to tell Miss Info his mixtape, The Reagan Era, and his album, Born to Lose, Built to Win, should be dropping soon. Stay tuned for more from Juelz.    

Ludacris and DJ Drama Bring The Preview

Atlanta’s own Ludacris and DJ Drama have teamed up to bring the fans what they want – some new music from Luda before his album finally drops. Theater of the Mind has been pushed back quite a few times, and is now looking at an October release. It’s been a few years since Luda has made some really dope music (Red Light District) and fans are really anxious to give him another shot after Release Therapy. And, who better to team up with for a comeback than the premier mixtape DJ of the decade, DJ Drama? The mixtape was released today and features 21 fresh tracks. Check out the download link below…  Download The Preview here


The DTP/Def Jam reject Bobby Valentino has secured himself a deal with EMI for his imprint, Blu Kolla Dreams. The first project for the Atlanta crooner will be an album aptly titled The Rebirth. Now there has never been any real explanation as to why Bobby V was dropped from Luda’s label. His debut went platinum and his sophomore went gold, which is pretty decent in this day and age. Let’s just hope he has the same success on his own imprint that he did lining the pockets of Def Jam.


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