I’m a real big Bishop Lamont fan. If you don’t have his mixtapes you should check them out for sure. In this video he performs a snippet of the (supposed) new single off Dr. Dres highly anticipated album “Detox”. This song has me psyched. Listen to the beat! Also add the fact that Bishop Lamont is going at Game on this one and we might have a noise maker when this song officially drops. Which when it does will be in our audio section and available for DL immediately.

Bishop Lamont speaks on “Detox”

 |  September 24, 2008

Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont recent gave up some much needed details on Dr. Dre’s next album “Detox”.  According to him, we should be looking for a single by November and is anticipating a December release.  He went further to explain that it had to be “turned in” sometime soon, which is the reasoning behind the prediction.

Additional Reporting by Rashaan Meador

Seriously the ego has landed. We had Jay Z last week and now the Compton rapper is saying that Dre’s project would be an ‘injustice to the producer if it didn’t feature him (Game). As according to Game himself, he quite simply is..the West Coast. I truly hope for his sake LAX is his best album to date as for all the trash this dude is talking you know people are just waiting in the wings to take aim at

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