Bishop Lamont speaks on “Detox”

 |  September 24, 2008

Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont recent gave up some much needed details on Dr. Dre’s next album “Detox”.  According to him, we should be looking for a single by November and is anticipating a December release.  He went further to explain that it had to be “turned in” sometime soon, which is the reasoning behind the prediction.

Additional Reporting by Rashaan Meador

Seriously the ego has landed. We had Jay Z last week and now the Compton rapper is saying that Dre’s project would be an ‘injustice to the producer if it didn’t feature him (Game). As according to Game himself, he quite simply is..the West Coast. I truly hope for his sake LAX is his best album to date as for all the trash this dude is talking you know people are just waiting in the wings to take aim at

50 Cent Actually Being Humble?

 |  August 5, 2008

The 50 Cent the rap world has come to know and love (or hate) has been one who’s rather obnoxious, vengeful and consistently willing to beef with anyone who comes his way. But, in a recent interview with MTV News, 50 talked about his mentor Dr. Dre, their recording process, and why the fu** Dre just won’t put out Detox. In the interview, 50 explained his time in the lab with Dre –  “When I walk in the studio, I record the first [beat] that comes on regardless if I think it’s a hit record or not. We get in work mode, get comfortable and go through the material that’s in the computer. Dre always has hit records. Sometimes, artists that need producers, they need someone to create a direction for them musically. I need the jewels he’s just got laying around. He don’t gotta tell me what to do with it.”Further, when 50 was asked about Detox, he explained, “Hopefully he get it done and put it out. I’m waiting for the Detox.” Yet another artist drops his two cents, and gives patient fans no timeline or hope. If this album ever drops, I think it’s cause for a national holiday…perhaps Dre Day?141107_50_cent_01_450x300.jpgLook out for 50’s Before I Self-Destruct and Dr. Dre’s Detox to drop before 2009.

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