Juelz Santana has decided to speak his mind about his recent split with Cam’ron. He was quoted as saying “He would never sell me. It was bad business, and I had to get out my contract. It’s so crazy to me that he’s still trying to make himself look good.”  He also said “It’s a line between loyalty and stupidity man, bottom line.”  Julez also pointed out that he still respects Cam’ron and his position as head of Dipset.juelz.jpgAdditional reporting by Rashaan Meador


 |  September 11, 2008

After he was robbed in London last week, Juelz Santana has gone on camera and accused London duo SAS of failing to help him out  when he was confronted by an irate mob.London duo SAS who have just recently returned from a spell in the US were surprised when they heard about what Juelz had said on camera.

Talking to IHipHop exclusively, Mayhem said “One minute we are family and brothers from another, then the next minte he on DVD footage dissing us with the same people that came to take his head off.” The altercation came about after Juelz failed to perform at shows his former manager was paid for back in 2006 in the UK capital. The promoters appeared at the hotel where Juelz was staying at last Sunday night as he wrapped up a two week tour of Europe looking to recoup the $70,000 they had paid out to Juelz’s former manager.

SAS are currently promoting their new mixtape, Eurogang Volume One which features Cam’Ron, ELZMax , Styles P, Ransom and the whole Eurogang family.

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