|  August 26, 2008

Ok so no surprise that DMX born Earl Simmons was denied bond again earlier today in a Miami court after being arrested in the Florida city earlier this month after failing to show up in an Arizona court on drugs and driving charges. DMX expressed his upset at the court room by telling Judge Lawrence Schwartz to f**k off numerous times.

It was said that the Ruff Ryder front man had been asking one of the prison officers at the jail in which he was being detained to go out and buy him a MacDonald’s but unfortunately those sort of privilegesDMX are just not available to X right now 😉


 |  August 15, 2008

So DMX was arrested once again yesterday in a Miami Wal-Mart no less. The reason for being arrested was his failing to show up to a Phoenix Court on Wedsnesday to answer to charges of drugs and weapons possession. The glamorous life of a rapper huh, getting picked up in Wal-Mart.

Also as we reported yesterday, Lil Wayne failed to show up to court as did Young Berg in New York City for various charges relating to weapons and drugs. Boys will be boys I guess

Also in prison news, word is that Remy Ma and Papoose have finally tied the knot.

Lisa Raye was arrested after fighting with her soon to be ex husband and driving her car through the gates to the estate, the couple once shared. He changed the locks on her and she decided nothing was getting in her way of getting into her home including a heavy set of gates.

Ms Ma

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