Funny how people sometimes end up eating their words or in this case say their words were taken the wrong way. Noel Gallagher, the Oasis front man who spoke out about Hip-Hop being a part of Glastonbury is now recanting his speech after Jay Z had the 100,000 plus crowd rocking to tracks like Hard Knock Life, Encore and of course his very own rendition of the Oasis track Wonderwall.

After Jay performed at Glastonbury in late June, Wonderwall re-entered the charts in the UK, and of course Noel Gallagher can’t not acknowledge that.  In a recent interview Gallagher had this to say “My f****** single went back in the charts, Jay-Z’s profile went through the f****** roof. Everyone’s a winner. He knows that I was misrepresented, as I guess he was, so let’s f****** move on.”

I guess that will do as an apology.  jigga