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Tattoo Fail Of The Day 7.27.11

And after seeing this real girls wont say yes, ever.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 7.18.11

50 Cent Shuts Lil Kim Down

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 7.13.11

Just in case you forgot where it came from.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 7.7.11

This has to be the most disrespectful 2Pac Tattoo I`ve ever seen. Let that man rest in peace! (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 6.27.11

If your thighs can’t reach each other without the use of two tin cans and a piece of string then you have no business getting this Tattoo. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 6.8.11

If you`re going to get a tattoo of you holding your ET baby why must you insist on having the “Aeropostale” tatted on your shirt? (more…)

Chris Brown Adds Some New Tats To His Collection

Lauren London Speaks About Her Engagement To Lil Wayne

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.27.10

Another classic vag tat. Nothing like explaining why this is tattooed on your crotch to your kids in 6 years. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.26.11

Will somebody please come get your grandpa. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.25.11

I hope a three year old designed this. Quick question, why does the heart look like like there is scaly chicken liver inside of it? (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.24.11

I give him creative points for tattooing around his skin tag but it also makes it one of the grossest tattoos of all time. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.20.11

Um I get the hell reference but if thats a tail then why is it coming from her crotch? (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.18.11

So I guess her kid thinks shes the greatest mom ever, how sad. (more…)


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