|  August 4, 2008

It looks like anyone who went to a show this weekend was mos def getting their monies worth. Kanye killed it at the closing of the infamous Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. Playing to a home crowd never did anyone any harm and after delivering track after track from his three offerings, Kanye had the crowd paying homage to the ‘lady who drove him to Chicago when he was only three’…his late Momma.

While on the NY leg of the Rock the Bells event out at Jones Beach, crowds were whipped into a frenzy as artist after artist hit the stage delivering classic after classic. Slick Rick, MOP, ATCQ, DJ Premier, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes were all in attendance plus a whole lot more. But what really got the crowd going was when Jay Z appeared on stage to accompany Nas for Black Republicans. Good times to be had by all, what Summer is all about really. jaynas

Well not that the so called crown that Weezy holds is really that credible…greatest rapper alive just doesn’t fit right for the Cash Money die hard. But Weezy needs to be on guard becasue in the UK on Friday night, Kanye West gave possibly one of the best performances of his life at the Global Gathering Festival, where he headlined the UKs annual dance festival.

Taking a somewhat humble role in front of the 25,000 crowd, as he performed, Touch the Sky, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Gold Digger and All Falls Down, Kanye thanked the crowd with “Thank you for joining me tonight on my quest to become the number one artist in the world.” Yeah Kanye is not just looking to be the greatest rapper alive, he is looking a bit further a field than that. And with performances like that and his ego in check (for once) it looks like he could be a serious contender for that role. Kanye


 |  July 25, 2008

The UK is gearing up for the appearance of Kanye West at the Global Gathering tonight. A lot of planning has gone into Ye’s show and a whole load of cash too. The light show alone is supposed to have cost over $200,000. And like in true celebrity style a lavish feast is being put on for Kanye and his excessive entourage by the organizers of the show. Everyone else has to grab a hot dog from the vendor. Let’s hope he doesn’t throw another tantrum at this festival.

Also appearing at the two day festival is Moby, Mark Ronson, Erik Morillo and Sam Sparrokanye west