Even More Hotness from Freeway

 |  August 1, 2008

A couple days ago, I mentioned Freeway had just leaked a new freestyle over an old Ray Cash beat, and Free is right back at it. There are rumors floating around that Free is prepping a new album called Freedom of Speech, so all of these leaks are starting to make sense. Free is definitely consistent with his flow and uses his raspy voice to its fullest value. Check out a new track from Free, “Will I Ever Be,” below.


Freeway – “Will I Ever Be”

A Long-Awaited Return from Free

 |  July 29, 2008

freeway-05-big.jpgFreeway, arguably the only Rocafella soldier who can actually rap (besides Jay, of course), is back. If you recall, Free’s debut album, Philadelphia Freeway, was absolutely amazing. It had guest spots from Jay, Beanie Sigel, Nate Dogg and was produced almost in its entirety by Kanye West and Just Blaze. Free was definitely the first to set himself apart from the other Roc rhymers, and to this day his voice and flow is unlike most artists we’ve heard. For his second album, Free gained a cosign from 50 Cent and his album Free at Last featured guests like Jay, 50, Busta Rhymes and Scarface.  Now, less than a year after Free at Last, free is bumping some new sh*t. His new track, aptly titled “Bumping My New Shit.” To check out Free on his A-game, click here to download the track. Check out a preview for the track here.  

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