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Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.25.11

I hope a three year old designed this. Quick question, why does the heart look like like there is scaly chicken liver inside of it? (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.3.11

I know people are happy about Osama`s death but I`m not sure that getting a terrorist tattooed on on your leg  is the best way to scream Patriot (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.2.11

A bunch of penises on a females forehead doesn’t surprise me, whats surprising is this looks like someone grandma. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.29.11

This is pretty funny but I give him originality props for being the first person to tattoo braided cornrows in his hair but at least he`ll never have to get it rebraided again. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.28.11

Cant go wrong with a naked chick but whats with the Mickey Mouse ears and Vacuum cleaner attachments as hands? (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.27.11

Nothing screams respect like a tattoo on your vag. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.26.11

The illustration is pretty cool but uh can someone explain the flying tampon and the baby holding the penis?? (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.25.11

Looking at her toes something is telling me this girl isnt sexy at all. (more…)

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.13.11

Rihanna Shows Off Her New Hairstyle…

Rock It Or Drop It: Eyebrow Weaves (Vid)

Zoe Saldana Does This Now…

Video: The Best Episode OF Family Fued

Epic Battle: Dave Chappelle Vs Katt Williams

The Most Ignorant Rap Group Ever: Monkey Gang


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