Toronto rapper P Reign got that Drake upgrade but it comes on a run of Drakeovers that risk blurring into each other with his signatures dappled all over them. Nevermind the risk of fatigue, he delivers the scene-stealer verse, complete with the real mentions of names and locales from his kiss-and-tell adventures. On a joint called “Drunk and F*ck” after the jump.
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Future stumbles into the Chanel store just long enough to make this song-length ad for it. Young Thug joins on this clumsy track dedicated to saying the name of the leather giant as many times as possible. Silently wishing we could listen to only the production by itself. Check the track after the jump.
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The 10 Hottest Songs Of Summer

 |  July 22, 2014

What makes a summer song? It’s sweaty but never sad about it. The right summer smash makes you put the double-decker barbecue plate on your lawn chair, pour out something cool and get close to the speakers. It’s naked and unashamed, of course. The song’s gotta be loud. Not volume-wise either. You need to be able to open that sunroof, lower the windows on the highway and still annoy passersby with the bass drop. They’re great songs because they’re disposable songs. A summer jam is the wet wipe of music: refreshing as it is fleeting and oh so useful at the right time.

Load these songs into your playlist and be the DJ you always wanted for the weekend.
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Future is releasing something new that will likely redefine rap as much as he first did with his alien style two years ago. He refuses to choose between singing and bleating or rapping and groaning and that refusal has brought him to new planes of robot rap existence. Here’s one version of his song “Rock Star.” Listen after the jump.
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This is what future music should sound like. ILoveMakkonen has the best new style and a strange name that shows how much he loves himself. A good message for the kids. He takes the robot singing of Future and T-Pain, darts to the Trap, and drags it through a muddy trail of intoxication. He is what would happen if all raps were sung, and what that would mean about the words you hear. His new video after the jump.
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