If even half what Futurist Thomas Frey predicts happens then people need to prepare now and get their hussle up! I can honestly say that at the rate technology is moving I can see many of his predictions happening.

Futurist Thomas Frey who is one of the world’s most recognized trend spotters says that thanks to technology people will lose 2 billion jobs in the next 18 years. Thomas goes into detail on his blog, but in short the industries that will go away (with some new jobs created):

  • The power industry (micro grids)
  • Automobile transportation (going driverless)
  • Education (OpenCourseware replacing teachers)
  • Manufacturing (3D printers and bots taking over).


 |  July 29, 2008

OK so Rick Ross is going on about it being haters out to dethrone him as the boss of MIA (MIAMI) but those peeps over at the Smoking Gun are not playing when it comes to unearthing more info on Ross. Now they have an 86 page document that even shows his attendeance record (100%), leaving salary (just over $25,ooo) and his loyalty oath (he would shoot an inmate who tried to escape.)

Would haters really go to these extremes?rossy