Breezy is taking credit for bringing snapbacks back, okay cool you can have that  as long as you just leave jorts where they belong (on girls).


Every picture i’ve seen of Chris Brown lately he’s been rocking jorts (jean shorts at the BET Awards really?)  and not just that, but homeboy has various styles and shades of denim each time. It makes me wonder how many jorts does this kid own?

Females are the only people who can wear jorts and not look like pure struggle or white trash. The jorts movement is real! Summer weather brings out the worst of the jorts, and this year Chris Brown is leading the pack. So Breezy here’s a phrase I learned back in D.A.R.E I think could help you, “just say no!” Say this to yourself every time you reach for a pair of jorts or japris (jean capris), then grab a nice pair of cargos or basketball shorts.


We cannot take this lightly the Jorts movement has reached peak levels this year, thankfully someone is stepping forward and taking a stand. Nerdatthecooltable has begun his own protest against jorts, “DOJ” also known as “Death Of Jean Shorts.”  He cannot do this alone people, we are fighting against the likes of Breezy and people who wear socks with sandals. We all have to unite and support the cause together because Jean Shorts are never okay.