|  September 11, 2008

Turns out our boy Kanye got himself arrested at LAX airport today after a little altercation with a pap who had got a lil too close the Love Lockdown rapper. TMZ were also in the area and they too started to film Kanye’s lil tirade and got into a further altercation with the rappers assistant. Both Kanye and his assistant were booked and allegedy charged with vandalism. All this excitement a year to the day since he went head to head with 50. kanye

Songstress and American Boy lover Estelle has been nominated for this years prestigious Mercury Award for her album Shine. She and eleven others were selected to go head to head by an independent panel of judges. Also up for the award, the winner of which will be announced on September 9th are Adele and Radiohead.

Shine is the sophomore album from the West London singer, released in March of 2008 with the second single from the project American Boy, feat Kanye West, hitting the top spot on the UK charts through downloads alone.

Estelle is no stranger to awards having already been nominated for a BET award this year for Best Newcomer and with various UK Hip-Hop Awards and a MOBO under her belt. Estelle






01. Mixtapekings (Intro)
02. Fast Foward (Intro) with Kanye West
03. Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Talib Kweli
04. Put On ft/ Young Jeezy
05. Can’t Tell Me Nothin (Remix) ft/ Young Jeezy
06. Lollipop (Remix) ft/ Lil’ Wayne
07. Barry Bonds (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Lil’ Wayne
08. American Boy (Remix) ft/ Estelle & Busta Rhymes
09. Stronger (DJ A-Trak Remix)
10. Sky High Graduates (Dub Floyd Screamixx) CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell)
11. Say My Name (Interude) with Kanye West
12. Line For Line ft/ Grav (96′ Rewind) One Of Kanye’s 1st Appearances
13. Livin’ A Movie
14. 03′ Electric Relaxation ft/ Consequence
15. Paid The Price ft/ Do Or Die
16. Throw Some D’s (Freestyle)
17. Fight With The Best ft/ Rhymefest & Mikkey (Rewind)
18. Weak Azz Producer Rap Segment: Wack Nigga (Acapella Verse)
19. So Soulful (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Jay-Z, Consequence & John Legend
20. World Record Holders ft/ GLC & Really Doe (The Go Getters)
21. Plastic ft/ Really Doe
22. Everyone Nose (Remix) ft/ CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell), N.E.R.D. & Pusha T
23. Us Placers ft/ CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell)
24. Ya’ Heard (Interude) with Kanye West
25. Good Life ft/ T. Pain
26. Everything I Am (Freestyle Live @ The G-Shock 25th Anniversary Event)
27. Summer Jam 08′ (Freestyle)
28. Hey Mama (Grammy Version)
29. Homecoming ft/ Chris Martin
30. Fast Forward (Outro) with Kanye West
31. Bonus: Colin Monroe ft/ Little Brother – I Want Those Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd Screamixx)




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