Naledge Drops a Mixtape!

 |  September 23, 2008

Just a few months off of their latest album release, Kidz in the Hall are putting in heavy work. After a run on Rock the Bells, they’re planning their own tour and Naledge is working on some solo music. Their latest project is a little play on conscious rap, which is a mixtape entitled Naledge Presents: Welcome to the Brainiac Society. Check out features from Chip tha Ripper, 6th Sense, Mickey Factz, and of course Naledge.


Here’s some thoughts from Naledge on the project: “Welcome To Brainiac Society is a compilation or collection of music that I like, and that I might have made or contributed to. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it. I think a lot of people got confused when I started repping Brainiac Society as my crew or my label cause I think a lot of people took it as a separation from Kidz In The Hall, which is not what it is. It’s just me giving a platform to people that I like, and I want it to be looked at moreso as a Native Tongues type of thing than as a Bad Boy type of thing. It’s just a group of people that make dope music and appreciate the artistry of Hip Hop and doesn’t have to necessarily mean they are rappers. They can sing, they can make beats, DJ, whatever. It’s about the creative renaissance that’s going on within Hip Hop all over the nation. These are people that I met in my travels who I feel are dope and they inspire me. We just get together and we collectively make art…It’s also a platform for me to put out Fooch who is my artist. It’s no departure from Kidz In The Hall. Me and Double O are such creative beings in general, that we don’t know how to operate without 30 things going on at once. We’re very much multi-taskers and we’ve always been that way. We try to have our hands in everything.”

Download, preview links, and  tracklist below.

“Find My Way Freestyle”- Preview Link

“Naledge Vs. Factz”- Preview Link

Naledge Presents: Welcome to the Brainiac Society  



Kidz in the Hall Get Picked On!

 |  July 30, 2008

Though this is old news to most, rap duo Kidz in the Hall was involved in an altercation the other night in Tempe, Arizona. The duo has been picking up major recognition recently due to their new album, The In Crowd. The album features Travis McCoy, Estelle and Big Pooh among others, and the infectious and oft-remixed “Drivin’ Down the Block.”  According to details that have emerged thus far, Double O was grabbed by police and thrown to the ground by several bouncers and security guards. At that point, Double O was supposedly kicked and punched as he laid on the ground. Then, Naledge, the other half of the duo, tried to intervene and got arrested. Soon after, Double O was arrested as well. kidz-in-the-hall_161443_full.jpgAlso according to emerged details, Double O was hospitalized after the incident and the duo missed their scheduled stop with Rock the Bells in Maryland. More details to emerge soon, and we’ll keep you posted. Regardless, best wishes to the Kidz and I hope they’re both doing okay and are back on the road with the Rock the Bells crew.  

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