Game knows how to stir up some buzz for himself I give him that. In a recent interview on Kiss 104.7  the outspoken rapper said that Jigga has to be literally shaking in his shoes when it comes to having beef with him. Game is convinced that Jigga just doesn’t want it with him even though Jigga said while in London this Summer that ‘Game should just commit suicide’.

As he talked to Chino the Kiss co-host, Game sounded quite shocked that ‘Lips,’ as he now calls Jigga, had made comments about him but he was giving himself a pat on the back for killing G- Unit thats for sure. Will J buy into the hype and come at Game like you know the Compton rapper wants him to? He even said it himself, he has his album dropping on August 26th and is happy to lyrically destroy anyone who comes up against him. Alrighty then game