This is one of the best videos I ever found. Videos like this are the reason I love the internet. I found this a while ago. This is the Nas Electronic Press Kit for his debut album “Illmatic”, my (and a lot of other peoples) favorite hip hop album of all time. This video is wild. It features the production lineup from the album (Dj Premier, Large Professor, Q Tip & Pete Rock) discussing Nas and the making of the album. It also features Nas’ original home Queensbridge Projects and a cast of people that live there. This was the begining of a new era in rap that came as quick as it went. Enjoy. 



 |  September 4, 2008

Looks like the classic Nas album Illmatic continues to weather the test of time against the cookie cutter albums and ringtone tracks the majority gravitate towards today. The debut album from the Queensbridge rapper which was released 14 years ago was one of the few to get five mics from the Source when five mics really really meant five mics. The album which featured production from legends, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, L.E.S and Large Professor is now the focal topic of a book by Eric Michael Dyson.

Expected to hit shelves in early 2009, the book will analyze and ‘re-articulate’ every track from the album which is considered one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever.  Illmatic has been mentioned by various rappers since it was released including, The Game (of course), Just Blaze, Lupe Fiasco and Alchemist.

Eric Michael Dyson who was granted his degree from Princeton UniversityNas is responsible for titles such as Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur and Is Bill Crosby Right?  It makes you wonder how many of todays albums will be worthy of an accolade such as this 14 years from now.

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