…surprise surprise LAX. The tape called LAX Touchdown from the three uniteers is supposed to drop August 26th, just to stir up a little more controversy between the Queens collective and Game.  But just when is this Banks tape going to drop, we have been hearing music from it now for what seems like months but still no tape…and now this. Word on the street…again is that Banks is looking to get off G Unit but word from the camp is that that is nothing but a rumor and Banks is staying loyal. g unit


 |  July 23, 2008

A UK tabloid is reporting that Compton rapper The Game is a huge fan of Amy Winehouse and is very keen to report with the troubled soul. Game who is gearing up to release what is expected to be his final album , L.A.X also implied that he would also be quite open to do whatever it took to record with her.  “And I would do whatever drugs she was doing that day.” They could be famous last words right there.

In Amy related news, it is reported that the singer has sunk into a deep depression that has her safely tucked away at home since her husband was sentenced to 27 months in prison earlier this week. It is expected that he will be released after four. Blake Fielder- Civil had pleaded with the Judge residing over his case to let him go in order to be a ‘role-model’ to his troubled wife. He was convicted of  assault and perverting the course of justice and branded the Judge an ‘old bastard’ when the sentence was given. Game

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