|  September 10, 2008

Hmmm looks like Vibe is getting into a little more hot water this week. Last week it was Robin Thicke dissing the publication and now the Princess of Crunk Ciara is taking them to the cleaners for the so called ‘naked’ shoot she did for the recent edition. Turns out that the shots of a naked Ciara were actually photoshopped and she reportedly didn’t pose void of clothes AT ALL.

Well then, this wouldnt be the first time the magazine has been in trouble for pictures, remember that whole scandal with the Mary J Blige cover back in 2006? Although photoshopping someone so they appear naked is a little extreme isn’t it? nakedfull cover


 |  August 12, 2008

beyHere is a brief update as to what our fave celebs are up to when it comes to their business.

Sean Combs – He may be unlucky in love but he sure is successful when it comes to his smells. After the success of Sean John, Diddy has gone on to develop yet another fragrance. This one is called I am King…not too sure about the name, but then wasn’t too stuck on the shiny suits either but they def made a lasting impression.

Beyonce – Shame Jayonce hasn’t had the success with her clothing line that her husband has had with his. Word is, House of Dereon is closing its doors and I can’t say I am surprised as some of the lines available from the Knowles women were not what you would expect from a fashionista such as Bey Z.

Def Jam – Take away the new age King and Queen of R&B Ne Yo and Rihanna, Def Jam really isn’t doing much these days but to add a new twist to their marketing and promotions they are planning on utilizing the big screen to promote up and coming albums from their artists by previewing their videos before, during and after movies. I am sure Meth, the Roots and Ghostface are on the top of the list to recieve that extra boost.

Lil Jon – The King of Crunk has managed to secure his masters in his new deal with Orchard, the company that bought out TVT earlier this year. Nice to see labels making situations somewhat easier for artists.

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