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Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne join for “Powerhouse” concert

Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne along with Ne-Yo will be hitting the stage for a special one night only “Powerhouse” event in New Jersey hosted by NY radio station Power 105.1. The event is produced by Live Nation, Mr. S.Carter’s current employer.  He made history at this annual event by squashing his beef with Nas in 2005.  Powerhouse starts Tuesday, October 28 at East Rutherford, N.J.’s Izod Center at 7 p.m. and tickets go on sale September 12 at noon. Additional reporting by Rashaan Meador


After partying the night away at the VMAs over in Los Angeles last night, Weezy obviously didn’t mind how much it costs in gas to get him across country via private jet to make sure he kept his date this morning. He was due in court in Manhattan to answer charges relating to weapons posession this morning and surprisingly enough, he made it. I dont think the judge would have allowed him a pass after being seen all over the TV last night and then failed to show up today so Weezy gets the attendance star today.

The Game – “L.A.X.” Album Review

In 2006, rapper The Game released his second LP – The Doctor’s Advocate. Two years, one four-month trip to prison and countless struggles with estranged supporters Dr. Dre and 50 Cent later, The Game has dropped LAX. Hopping on the ubiquitous popular rapper manifesto, Game said this album would be his last, because he supposedly has nothing left to prove. However, the album – a 19-track feature-heavy compilation – is definitely not a high note for Game to leave off on. The album starts with a prayer from rap’s new preacher DMX, and just as quickly as you can press next, Game brings you the somber and boring “LAX Files.” A few skippable tracks later, Lil’ Wayne lends a T-Wayne singing feature to his West Coast cohort on “My Life.” Ultimately, this album is marred by poor production and boring lyricism by Game, save for a few tracks like “Dope Boys,” “Cali Sunshine” and “Angel.” On “Angel,” Game scores Kanye production and a Common feature for a cliché yet catchy ode to their leading lady – hip-hop. In previous albums, listeners looked forward to an entire album of hearing The Game’s witty lyricism and knocking production picks – no matter how vulgar or hard it got – because they knew what to expect. But on LAX, The Game enlists so many features (there are only three solo songs!) that any message he was trying to get across gets far too diluted and commercialized. If this truly is his last album – he better not expect to be mentioned in the same breath as Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z…or even Wheezy baby.

Kanye Closes the VMA’s!

If you didn’t catch the MTV VMA’s last night – there were a few highlights you should catch on the rerun. Wayne performed with T-Pain, Travis Barker & DJ AM were the house band, Britney Spears won three awards, and Kanye absolutely shut the house down with his new single, “Love Lockdown.” Supposedly the new track is off his new album, set to drop by December. He had an enormous stage backdrop and had what seemed like a 30-piece drumline – clearly inspired by China’s Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.   Download “Love Lockdown” below and let us know what you think of Kanye’s new direction. Kanye West – “Love Lockdown (Live)” 


Curtis implied to Rolling Stone that Lil Wayne’s monster track Lollipop did in fact sound a lot like his Candy Shop track from the 2005 The Massacre which featured former G Unit songstress Olivia. Do you agree? Or is Curtis just tying to stir up a little bit of controversy.

Chamillionare: The Mixtape Messiah?

Chamillionare has been gaining his relevance back recently after dropping a new mixtape – Mixtape Messiah 4. The tape is hot and is available for download below. Meanwhile, Chamillionare told HipHopDX in an interview that he respects 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne as essential artists in the mixtape movement. In the interview, he spoke on 50 Cent’s golden times: “Back in the day, when 50 first came out, he had some real dope mixtapes. Now, it’s more the commercial thing where people say you’re singing a hook or whatever. Back then, he was just jackin’ peoples’ beats and puttin’ them real catchy melodies on a tight beat, and just puttin’ out tight stuff.“ He also feels that Wayne’s hard work is unmatched in the current climate: “He out-working everybody on the mixtape circuit. When I talk to the underground stores out here in the mixtape world, they tell me that Wayne‘s runnin’ it. He’s the most active.” There’s no denying Wheezy and 50′s contributions to rap, and the mixtape game more specifically. Check out Cham’s new mixtape and let us know if you think he deserves to be mentioned with the elite. Chamillionare – Mixtape Messiah 4


Word on the street is that Lil Wayne checked himself into a Florida rehab this weekend and allegedly this was the reason he missed a court date in Arizona earlier this week. Possibly the best thing he could do if this is true.

Girl Talk Feeds the Animals

Mash-up machine DJ Girl Talk has recently dropped his fourth album, Feed the Animals. The album features over 200 samples and gets into everything from DJ Unk to Radiohead. It’s pretty amazing, and whether you just want to appreciate the craft of a crazy creative DJ or need a party playlist, you need to get this.   Everything is rhythmic and crafted amazingly – it should definitely encourage DJ’s worldwide to get on their job. On his website,, Girl Talk is pulling a Radiohead by letting fans either pay $0.00, up to however much they want to get the album.     If you want to support the DJ, go to the website and donate some cash and even get the physical copy. If you’re interested in getting it for $Free.99, download it below, and enjoy.      Girl Talk – Feed the Animals  

Fashion Forward: Supra

I recently read a blurb about sneaker company Supra in Complex Magazine, which told people to not wait for Jay-Z to tell them it’s cool, and to trust that it is. I’ll extend that by saying, don’t let anyone tell you what’s cool, but I’ll suggest which companies are hot right about now. With that being said, Supra was started by professional skateboarder Chad Muska a few years back, and has recently caught fire after Lil’ Wayne was donned head-to-toe in Supra at the BET Awards, and everyone from Nas to Mickey Factz has expressed their love for the brand. As of now, footwear is what they’re primarily known for, and they have models for skaters and for non-skaters. The models include Suprano, Suprano High, Diablo, Skylow, SkyTop, Sport, Cali, Cruzer, Cuban, Vaider and Vulk-Low. All the models come in several color ways and they all have a unique look to them. Check out the website here.

(News?) DMX Headed back to Jail

After going to a hearing for four counts of possession of drug pariphenalia, one count of driving without a license and one count of marijuana possession in Miami – DMX’s prayers were not answered and he was denied bond. So, X will be staying in jail until October 2nd, at which point he will have another hearing to see if he will be given bond in Miami or shipped to Arizona, where he has other charges pending. What the hell happened to X? Just a few years ago he was on TRL and doing world tours, now it seems like he can’t go a month without doing something stupid, and making sure a cop knows about it. I remember he was planning a gospel album about a year ago – seems like that church music will be held back until he can actually make it to church (on the outside). I would say good luck, but it seems that X wouldn’t like my kind words, perhaps he’d get to barking. And on another note, Wheezy has to be careful before he’s the new X.


Looks like the leak of Swagga Like Us has maddened one of the four artists present. With a one year sentence on the horizon you can kind of understand why Tip is a lil heated about the track featuring himself, Weezy, Kanye and Jigga. The track which has had mixed reviews from fans and the industry was not supposed to be available until late next month according to TI who had this to say on the subject  ‘Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That’s like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and from the fans as well.’ Ahh well as we all know the leak is more guaranteed that a hit is these days.

New Fire from 4 Kings! Audio Download:”S.L.U.”-T.I. ft Kanye, Jay-Z & Weezy

Four of the most relevant and popular hip-hoppers out have come together for a classic track – entitled “Swagger Like Us.” Kanye West, TI, Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne! This track is ridiculous. Download link below, and let us know what you guys think of this collaboration over an M.I.A. sample.  perspective edit: I updated the link, so that you can snag this track. Plus I tossed in a preview link.  I’m going to have to disagree with Dan, and say this track is a little dissapointing.  I think my expectations were to high after hearing about the existence of this track.  Still worth snagging. “S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)”- T.I. ft Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne To Preview Track Click Here


Well I guess with Daddy being the Birdman, no reason why Weezy can’t be space man. To see the cover click below.


Turns out Beyonce’s lil sister Solange is determined not to be as wholesome as her big sister is. Solange recently recorded a track with Hip-Hop collaborator extraordinaire Lil Wayne for the song ChampagneChroniKnightCap. The song talks about getting drunk and high with a guy and getting her freak on. Solange has insinuated to those who have asked for comment on the song that she only writes about things that she knows about from her own experience. I wonder just how close to home this experience is as Solange vehemently denied rumors that she was in fact ‘involved’ with Lil Wayne last year and yet here he is on such a track as this.  One thing for sure is those Knowles girls certainly do like their Carter men.


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