|  September 4, 2008

Warner music pulled down Estelle and Kanye West’s American Boy down off ITunes this week, hoping that fans would go out and buy the English singers entire album as opposed to the track that sat on the top of various charts this Summer.

Since doing this the album Shine has dropped even lower and the single has gone from 11 on the Billboard chart to 37. Was this a wise move by the label? Is some money better than no money? American Boy

Well can’t say I didn’t expect to hear this, but  Juelz and his crew are denying his bling getting stolen while in London to perform saying the only reason police escorted him and his entourage from the hotel in which they were staying was not for safety as previously reported but for making a noise. Damn the UK police are doing that now? Cutting rappers some slack when they make enought noise to get kicked out of a hotel. Normally you just walk past them and they arrest your ass  just ask Snoop about that.floyd

However over in Las Vegas, boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly reported to police that  someone had robbed his house taking with them his $7 million collection of jewelry. mayweatherwho announced his retirement from boxing in June of this year had never been beaten in his professional boxing career of 39 professional fights


 |  September 2, 2008

Juelz Santana was appearing in London this past weekend at the Jump Off alongside fellow Dipset cohorts  J R Writer, Freekey Zekey and London rap duo S.A.S. Anyhow word on the streets of London town is that Juelz got robbed of all things that glitter due to some debt his manger ran up with a crew out in the UK a while ago.Turns out dudes descened on Juelz’s hotel room and cleaned him out of his finery to compensate the $65,000 the promoters lost out on when Juelz failed to show up for a show back in 2005 but was paid in advance on. And they say payback is a bi**h, in this case more like pay up is a bi**hjuelz.


 |  August 13, 2008

No wonder this dude is looking so smug nowadays…wjigaord on the street is that Jigga is about to make himself a $44 million when he sells a 50% stake of his Las Vegas 40/40 club to the Las Vegas Sands Corp which owns a slew of hotels across the world including The Venetian in Vegas. Looks like Jay is cashing in his chips…wonder what he will be up to next. The deal would give the Sands Corp the right to build 40/40 in London and throughout Europe, where Jay was looking to spread his wings too next.

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