|  September 8, 2008

After all that trash he talked  when it comes to Madden 09, Bow Wow really had to bow down to Game when the Compton rapper took the $100,000 prize money (donated to a charity of his choice) in their recent face off. Did Game cheat? Did this beat watching the VMAs? Probably a positive response to both of those questions.
The Champ is here

With all this talk about a recession, this story might be kind of offensive. The Game and Bow Wow will finally see who’s the best “in the world” at Madden NFL ’09 for a $100,000 prize. The meeting is scheduled to take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at a secret location. They reportedly will have a weigh-in ceremony like a real boxing match hosted by hip-hop gaming company Konsole Kingz. Who do you have your money on (if you care)?

Additional reporting by Rashaan Meador