A female rapper from ATL who goes by the stage name Maryjane was granted a restraining order against Phoenix Suns star Shaquille O Neal who has allegedly been stalking the 23 year old perfromer born Alexis Miller.  Miller and O Neal who were allegedly involved in a relationship for eight months broke up last month and threatening text messages from the NBA player were submitted as evidence in court on Thursday last week.

It has also been reported that O Neal told Miller that he would pay other rappers $50,000 to not work with the burgeoning rap star because of their break up. Sources have implied that Miller was the reason as to why O Neal and his wife Shaunie were heading for the divorce court last year. However the couple have since reconciled and are working on making their marriage work.

Shaq has been ordered to stay away from Miller and her 19 month old child and prohibited to have any contact with her or come within 200 m of her. He was accused of stalking,  threatening bodily harm and harassing phone calls. shaq