Kanye West’s sixth album is finally upon us. Both controversial and talented, Mr. West has once again stirred the pot by naming his 10-track work Yeezus, a play off of Jesus.

It’s no secret that he is also a religious man, and means no disrespect, but nonetheless, some people were deeply disturbed at the fact that he would call his current project such a thing. Read More


 |  August 14, 2008

Is it a case of too little too late? Rapper Master P after being in the game for over twenty years is changing his name to P Miller. P has been doing his bit for Hip-Hop having already developed his Take a Stand label which promotes curse free lyrics with his son Romeo. The change in name comes about as the down south mogul has ventured off in new directions including teaming up with Wal Mart to promote an affordable fashionable clothing line.

Wonder if this change of name will influence his brother C Murder. master

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