New MF Doom Album on the Way!

 |  September 10, 2008

MF Doom has been a bit of a mystery man lately. After supposedly not showing up to his live performances and having lookalikes perform in his place, he’s been on thin ice with fans. He also missed his Rock the Bells stop, but I guess that’s just MF for you – he’s a strange one. Anyway, word is he’s finally dropping a new album after years of putting it off. This album was originally supposed to be MF/Ghostface, but that apparently didn’t pan out. For this album, MF Doom will be going just by Doom, and the album will be titled Born into This, to be released on Lex Records. Look for appearances from Ghost and Raekwon, and production from the late Dilla and Dangermouse.


Illa J Drops “We Here”

 |  August 26, 2008

After J Dilla’s untimely death a few years back, there’s been much speculation as to who would carry on the legacy. DJ Mick Boogie used some of his tracks and did a mixtape with Busta Rhymes, which was a pretty nice big-up, but since then there hasn’t been anything too major, besides some unreleased tracks produced by Dilla for MF Doom and Ghostface. Now, Dilla’s little brother is apparently carrying on the Yancey tradition and is rapping over big brother’s tracks. The latest is entitled “Illa J,” available for download below. The album is entitled “Yancey Brothers,” I believe. Let us know what you think if little man is worthy of the great one’s tracks.


Illa J – “We Here”(produced by J Dilla)

To Preview Track Click Here