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LeBron James Covers Sports Illustrated


Were you thinking someone else?  (more…)

Video: LeBron James, D-Wade, & The Miami Heat Party At Club Story After Winning NBA Championship

South Beach is on fire right now.  (more…)

Pitbull Disses Lil Wayne On New Track


Pitbull isn’t particularly known for being lyrically complex, but he has recently been the center of attention for throwing jabs at Lindsay Lohan on his hit “Give Me Everything.”  Now Pitbull, who is a proud Miami resident, is taking aim at Lil Wayne for dissing the Miami Heat with his new track, “Welcome 2 Dade County” on which he goes in over Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” (more…)

Uncle Luke Is “Mad As Hell” At Lil Wayne For Disrespecting Miami, Says Rick Ross Needs To Get Involved


Everyone expected Lil Wayne to catch some flack for outright dissing the star players of the Miami Heat, but no one was expecting Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell to air out Tunechi in his Miami New Times blog. (more…)

Lil Wayne: “I F*cked Chris Bosh’ Wife”


Last week, Lil Wayne was allegedly ejected from a Miami Heat game while cheering for the Laker’s Kobe Byrant.  The claim was made via Weezy’s Twitter account although a representative for the Heat denied these accusations, claiming that Wayne made the decision to leave the game on his own.  Now, Wayne is making headlines for badmouthing the team during an All-Star Weekend event, even going as far as making personal attacks against Chris Bosh and other team members. (more…)

Limited Custom LeBron James jerseys by Dr.X for UNKNWN’s “Stealth Collection”


Textile surgeon, Dr. Romanelli joins forces with LeBron James’ UNKNWN label/retail outlet to create a limited collection of hybrid LeBron James jerseys to form “Dr. X for UNKNWN’s Stealth Collection”. (more…)

Will The Miami Heat Repeat As Champs Next Year? (Poll)


Well, the king finally has his ring. Looks like there will be no more ringless jokes to go around, now only jokes about LeBron’s hairline.  (more…)

Staff Picks Week Of 6/18/2012


Thunder vs. Heat: Who Will Win The NBA Finals? (Poll)

Oklahoma City Thunder v Miami Heat

It’s official, the Oklahoma City Thunder will be facing off against the Miami Heat in this year’s NBA Finals. Before Game 1 starts tonight at 9pm, we want to hear who you think will ultimately win it all. (more…)

Video: Rick Ross Courtside at Heat vs Knicks Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs With & Kelly Rowland

Sorry Knicks fans… Sit courtside with the Boss @RickyRozay and @Wale at Game 5 of the Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Playoffs in Miami. (more…)

Lebron Lockout Mixtape

New Lebron Nike Commercial

Scottie Pippen, That Guy From Miami and The MJ Debate


Skip Bayless Calls Chris Bosh “Bosh Spice” To His Face On First Take

Funny how I semi-defended this guy a week ago only for him to get tested once more on national TV. Bosh, for whatever reason, had a pow wow with shock analyst Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take: Bayless’s home turf. Bosh isn’t much of a fighter so you have to wonder why he bothered to step into such a lions den. Anyway, Chris had time to defend himself against the emasculating “Bosh Spice” nickname Skip christened him with last season. Bosh took the high road, kept it classy and asked Skip to stop using the term. You already know Bayless wouldn’t have that. So he unsurprisingly bluntly stated his reasons behind using the title despite saying he “respects” Chris’s family name. Skip’s usually a drama king and a jerk but he made a good point in his argument. Bosh had plenty of chances throughout the year to prove himself on the NBA’s most polarizing team. However he flat out underplayed for long stretches and couldn’t act brand new when the jokes piled on. Then, when Bosh played well late in the post season, people got really quiet: Skip included. Seeing Bosh’s high and low points shows you have to take the good with the bad and in life. You can ignore the negativity or, as Chris Bosh said, use it as motivation to show and prove. Respect is earned when you perform well. Therefore, it’s surprising to see fans slowly turn around after Bosh’s play in the Finals. At the same time that still doesn’t change the fact that Skip tried to punk out Chris to his face. I mean he admitted to calling him a woman with no remorse and it’s up to Bosh to shut him up. I’m confused as to why Bosh would think Skip Bayless seemed capable of being more thoughtful. The guy makes a living off of hiking on millionaire athletes after all. At the very least, Chris didn’t play into Skip’s usual trap involving shouting matches and name calling.

Jokes Aside, What’s The Deal With Chris Bosh?


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