Y’know, with all these summer league flicks roaming about, it’d be normal to anticipate the NBA season with wide eyes. Yet the lockout, with seemingly no end in sight, has basketball heads reeling. At least Kevin Durant’s latest highlight reel at the Nike Pro City game last night soothes the pain a bit. These off season games aren’t known at all for defense. Then again we live in the Youtube era. Therefore, any semblance of D would likely deteriorate even further since heads don’t want to be “that guy” getting fooled. Ahh well, Durant doesn’t disappoint in his latest appearance so sit back and watch him have a field day on everyday Joes.

On another note, I bet that backpack of his is holding up fine throughout his Summer Ball Tour.


This is some bullsh*t. The big wigs need to show some flex if they want to continue making money. It may not be the money they are use to making, but it’s better than nothing. If it was me I would drop ticket prices just to get the fans in the door and once they are in the arena you hit them with an increase on what is already overpriced merchandise, food, and drinks. Its like this once you are in the building parents will have no choice but to buy their family all that junk.

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