You may not have heard of singer-songwriter Diana Espir but she stands apart from your usual herd of pop singers as she oozes self-confidence and her latest single “Tomboy” reflects that sentiment with its unabashed approach to remaining independent even in the face of the music industry. For her music video for “Tomboy” Diana Espir is joined by St. Louis emcee and all-around standup guy, Nelly. Diana Espir has certainly come a long, long way from being a contestant on The Voice: France and by the looks of her latest single she isn’t looking to be another pretty face. Peep the visuals for Diana Espir’s “Tomboy” featuring Nelly after the jump.

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Throwback Thursday is back with 25 more old school hip-hop pics. This time we’ve got some goodies you may have never seen before. Take a look after the jump! Read More


it’s that time of year. when the rap world comes to a screeching halt so that 34 people can freestyle during an awards show that doesn’t give out awards.
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recently, lifehacker reported on the jobs with the best career outlook over the long-term. among them: bio-engineers, elementary school teachers…and, to the delight of every working girl, strippers. here’s a short list of the rappers who will be sponsoring the next generation’s best and brightest. merry christmas everyone!
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