Off Cam’s First Of The Month Vol. 2, this is his joint with Nicki. You’d think with their senses of humor and penchant for pink, we might see more work from this duo. Although the video isn’t fancy, there’s bluster to go around, and the simplicity of the visuals give room for Cam and Nicki’s color. It’s also not a bad song, though we wish Fabolous had made it ten years earlier. Watch after the jump.
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Usher and Nicki Minaj over this disco-era MJ track produced by Pharrell is a sugary dance number. It’s half as lewd as their first collab “Lil Freak” and about twice as potent. They achieve more without oversexing it and hint at some better musical chemistry overall. Listen after the jump.
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We reported over the weekend about the backlash Nicki Minaj incurred because of her choice of cover art for the song “Lookin A*s N*ggas” from her forthcoming album The Pink Print. After removing the cover art and offering an apology to the offended parties you would think Nicki was in the clear and the discussion would turn to whether her song was actually good or not. However, it appears that Young Money’s First Lady will have no such luck. Read More

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