The Last Debate

 |  October 15, 2008

Senators Obama and Mc Cain will debate one last time tonight at 9:00pm est at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. This debate comes 21 days before election day on Nov 4th.

As of today two new national polls show McCain trailing Obama by a significant margin (14 points according to New York Times/CBS and nine points per LA Times/Bloomberg).


There is a lot of talent out there who we show love to by placing their music and videos on the site, but occasionally it is cool to read a lil summin summin on these guys and gals that are out there grinding. So here at IHIPHOP we have developed a new column called IHIPHOP Introductions to familiarize you with some of the talent on the serious come up.

First up we have Mickey Factz, y’all heard of him, so now read some more about him:

REPRESENTING: I’m representing the Mecca of The Hip Hop world. Bronx, New York City

INVOLVED IN MUSIC: For about 2 years now. Being consistent, persistent and talented got me where I am now.

IF YOU WEREN’T RAPPING WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING: I’d prolly be in school studying to be an attorney. Hip Hop has saved my life.

CD/DIGITAL-ONLINE/PRINT, YOUR TAKE ON THE WEB: The internet has opened the floodgates for everything possible. Right now its a good and bad situation. I prefer print articles because you conduct actual photoshoots. But I prefer digital music becaue it travels alllll over. The good thing about the internet is you have a fanbase all over the world. The bad thing is we have yet to capitalize on selling millions of records online. When that happens let the games begin.

HANG-OUTS: I’m from The Bronx but I grew up in New York City. So I hung out around my area a lot. In the different projects. Basketball courts. Now I’ll hang out at Sugars, or a Starbucks and have pow-wow meetings. I go to show rooms to shop. So truthfully I get clothes for free. But shout out to Joe from Concrete.


Song: Mickey Factz – Automatic
Video: Nelly – Tip Drill
Producer – Precize
Concert – Glow in the Dark
Movie – Malcolm X
Book – Manchild in the Promiseland

THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP IS ……… Mickey Factz and GFCnewyork. Clearly

**ELECTION FEVER** PLACE YOUR BETS: Obama. He’s the people’s champ and he gives hope to every american who’s tired of the bullshit happening done by the republican administration.

HIDDEN SECRETS: That I can cook my ass off… All the honey’s holla at me…

TAKE ON THE INDUSTRY BY: Being yourself… Once u accomplish that, your dreams will come true.