10 Deep in the Game

 |  August 29, 2008

You may have heard of clothing company 10 Deep. Heck, almost anyone who dresses mildly urban has. But the boys based out of New York seem to getting bigger and bigger with time with celebrity co-signs from newcomers Kid Cudi and Wale. the company was started in 1995, and the brand focuses on clothing that “conjures thoughts of movements, individuals, and ideologies of days past and present,” according to the website. Either way, they have a lot of great custom tee’s, custom fitted’s and even vinyl dolls. Check out some pictures of the attire below, and the website here to discover more about 10 Deep.

Also, check out the lookbook for the Fall 2008 Collection (coming out September 2nd) here.   


 Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.






Fashion Forward: Mishka

 |  August 27, 2008

Clothing like Mishka has been making waves in NYC and about for a few years now. Originally started by three kids of Russian descent in New York, the line is now offered around the country in boutiques and has an extensive selection on KarmaLoop, WorkMens, and their own site. The focus is primarily custom tee’s and custom hats. Check out some photos below of some of my favorite stuff offered on their site, and check it out for yourself at MishkaNYC.com. 







 |  August 14, 2008

The 2008 VH1 Hip-Hop Honorees have been announced and the five acts recognized for their constant contribution and presence to Hip-Hop this year are Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Naughty By Nature and Too $hort. The event will viewed on VH1 on Tuesday October 7th at 10pm.

The VH1 Honors started back in 2004 and has recognized a wide variety of individuals and collectives in its previous four shows including KRS One, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Wu Tang Clan and Kool Herc.  The event will take place as always at the Hammerstein Ballroom in midtown Manhattan. honors

Lil Wayne failed to show up in court this morning in Manhattan to face charges for weapon possession stemming from last year when he was pulled over after performing in NYC. Perhaps he is having issues with his grill or something but whatever ailment it is, it is preventing the Lollipop rapper from driving himself to court. On the real..who drives themselves to court when they have the biggest selling Hip-Hop album in the country so far this year? Lame excuse Weezy…very lame. weezy


 |  August 11, 2008

Young Berg was arrested in NYC in the early hours of Saturday morning after getting into an argument with a limo driver while he and his entourage were riding around the city Turns out the driver was having none of the Chicago kids antics and called the cops. Berg was busted for weapons, weed and being a ‘menace’. The joys of being a rapper. Young Berg

This is what happens when the East and the West come together over aAftermath producer Focus’s intricate production. Nice to see him take time out from Detox to work on an entire EP entitled 20/20 fokiswith his Lower East Side namesake. Track is pure fire so I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from Fokis. To check out track click on the link below


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