Lindsay Calls Obama the “C” Word

 |  November 13, 2008

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was caught on-camera winding back social progress when Access Hollywood reporter Maria Menounos asked the 22-year-old Barack Obama supporter what she felt on election night.“It was really exciting. It’s…it was such a…It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first, you know, Read More

The Last Debate

 |  October 15, 2008

Senators Obama and Mc Cain will debate one last time tonight at 9:00pm est at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. This debate comes 21 days before election day on Nov 4th.

As of today two new national polls show McCain trailing Obama by a significant margin (14 points according to New York Times/CBS and nine points per LA Times/Bloomberg).



 |  August 29, 2008

Fat Joe


Looks like Fat Joe is disgusted with Daddy Yankee’s endorsement of Senator John McCain. The Bronx rapper has in a recent interview with MTV denounced the Reggaeton superstar for supporting the Republican candidate in the run for the Presidency.

Joe even went as far to say that he would quite happily sit down and school Daddy Yankee on the subject of politics as he believed the remarks came from him out “for a look,” or the fact that he is “not educated on politics.”

Joe like many other artists and entertainment stars have all been in Denver for the Democratic Convention which saw Chicago Senator Barack Obama make his speech last night in front of 75,000 people. Obama who made his speech 45 years to the date since Martin Luther King made his ‘I have a dream speech ‘ had the crowd on their feet with his words of unity and change for his country. “America, we cannot turn back,”  Obama said. “We cannot walk alone. At this moment, in this election, we must pledge once more to walk into the future.”

Today marks the 45th anniversary for the day Martin Luther King delivered his ‘I have a dream speech’ at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom back in 1963. The speech was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most poignant of the twentieth century and one which signified a defining chapter in th Civil Rights Movement.

Tonight will also see the new hope for America Barack Obama address the Democrat Party at the convention in Denver Colorado with his interpretation of ‘change’ and what can and will be done for the country with the Democrats at the helm once again. Last night Bill Clinton followed the precedent set by his wife and former runner in the race for the Whitehouse, Hilary, in declaring support for the Chicago Senator. MArtin Luther King


 |  August 25, 2008

A local TV channel in Denver where the Democratic National Convention is taking place has reported that three arrests were made earlier this evening who authorities think might have been plotting to kill Barack Obama. Two men were stopped at a traffic stop and were found to be in possession of guns, ammo and high powered scopes. Assumed to be white supremacists the dup then led the police and officials to a hotel room where a third member jumped out of a fourth floor window to avoid arrest. election

The ever-eclectic and stylish frontman of A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, is currently working on releasing his sophomore solo album, entitled The Renaissance. It’s been a few years since we last heard some original material from Tip, and all fans of Native Tongue and the early Tribe days should definitely be excited for his return. According to an interview with Billboard Mag, Tip said he’s enlisted Raphael Saadiq, D’Angelo and Amanda Diva for features on the album. Tip also plans to begin the 9-track album with a snippet from an Obama speech, about which he said, “I start the album off with the Obama speech not just because I’m African-American, but because I really feel like he’s a fresh new voice and alternative from what we’ve seen in the political scene in some time.”


Check out leaked track “Getting Up” here for now, and go see Tribe and Tip performing live at Rock the Bells.

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