Here is a new song off of Big Boi’s official solo debut (Speakerboxx does not really count). It’s in the same lane he is known to be in – a song 808-heavy and all about flossin’. “Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” is coming soon and hopefully the album will be more of what we’ve heard so far.

Big Boi (featuring Backbone) – Dubbz

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Additional reporting by Rashaan Meador

In a post from a few weeks ago, I mentioned Common was filming a video for one of his two new singles, and it turns out it was for “Announcement.” Check out the video below and enjoy the ridiculously heavy green-screenery. I’m still pretty iffy about the whole Common/Pharrell summer-y album, but we’ll see soon enough. Both singles are pretty average so far. Let us know what you think.

Common feat. Pharrell – Announcement Video

New Video for “Green Light”

 |  August 23, 2008

Andre 3000 and crooner John Legend teamed up a few months back to bring the world a poppy and bubbly hit “Green Light.” Like Andre said in an interview, John brings a different side of himself and changes up his sound and brings Andre along for the ride. 3-stacks absolutely kills it yet again, thus reassuring the world he never learned how to do a bad feature verse. This track is somewhat similar to Fonzworth’s “Everybody,” but much quicker and dance-ready. Check out the video link below and let us know what you think!


John Legend feat. Andre 3000 – “Green Light” Video

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