Maino Teams up with Heavyweights

 |  August 1, 2008

Brooklyn-bred rapper Maino recently released the obnoxiously infectious “Hi Hater,” and is awaiting the release of his debut on Atlantic Records. Though his rhymes on the single are far from average (not in a good way), I guess he figured pulling some known artists in for the remix would work in his favor. And…it did. Though I am by no means a fan of Maino’s (Note: According to an interview with GIANT Magazine, he spent a decade in prison on kidnapping charges), the remix goes pretty hard. Download it below, and enjoy.


Maino feat. Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Plies – “Hi Hater Remix”


 |  July 28, 2008

Just what is going on with these MIA rappers. I think Slip n Slide need to make sure any stories fabricated about their rappers need to be air tight  before people start dishing dirt on them. Ok so we all saw Rick Ross photo-shopped to the max last week for his previous life, now it is Plies who is facing ridicule for rhyming about an existence far from his own.

Plies has on more than one occasion implied (pun intended) that he has served considerable time in prison, however it has been uncovered by another website that the rapper was not actually in any trouble with police until after 2006 when he was already signed to Slip n Slide. Is this what being a rapper is all about today? Does this give people credibility? Plies


Check out the King of Dade’s brand-new video. Got to give it to him – he sure does have a knack for recruiting a whole slew of hot artists for his tracks. Let us know what you think of his most recent onslaught of hip-pop. Greenscreen + a whole lot of dancing + T-Pain in a top-hat + mediocre rap = “We Out Here Grindin”?

Check out the video here.

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