A long-awaited collaboration from hip-hop’s exclusive and alluring producer du jour (FlyLo) and its newest prodigal son (Kendrick). It delivers more on Flying Lotus and his schizo beat composition than it does on Kendrick’s lyrics and voice, which seem to wash under the bridge of this roomy production. And there are LA Leakers drops all over it. Listen after the jump.
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As the heady half of the SaveMoney crew, Vic Mensa has been going all the way left of expectation for his first project. It’s like 2009 Asher Roth on speedballs and Illmatic repeats. He has the frat boy fervor and the backpacker urgency and just enough R&B melody to make rhymes palatable. The new video after the jump.
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B.O.B. confront some important questions on “Many Rivers,” driven by the classic Jimmy Cliff chorus in his song of the same name. In a way, No Genre Pt. 2 signifies a return to his roots as an artist, someone who’s emphasizing awareness of social conditions while declaring personal freedom from them. It’s the same moral barometer that helps him to sign million-dollar deals and still give us civic-minded messages. Check out the premiere on Revolt TV after the jump.
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Drake Premieres New Song On Jimmy Fallon

 |  September 15, 2013

If this song is any indication of the tone of Drake’s Nothing Was The Same, sh*t’s about to get even more deep and uncomfortable. Drake’s best work is his most squirming, awkward struggle with fame set to the rhythm of an increasingly confident flow. A personal letter to his mother and uncle? That’s just the start.