|  July 25, 2008

Is Game coming out the face with this line in his joint with Lil Wayne? This line is coming from the leaked track My Pain which hit the net this week. I guess he never got a response from Dre, so now he is going after Em? Thoughts, opinions, comments..leave them all below. battle

All the pictures of me and Em, I burned them/so there ain’t no proof I walked through 8 Mile/ And so since it ain’t no proof, I’ll never walk through 8 Mile/ sometimes I think about my life with my face down/ then I see my sons and put on my Kanye smile


 |  July 24, 2008

The iconic songstress Chaka Khan recently talked about her upbringing in a recent interveiw with a UK newspaper. The ten time Grammy winner explained that she was raised in quite a liberal household stating that “My father and I used to smoke weed together. It probably wasn’t a good thing, but my father was a hippy and that was back in the day when a lot of parents were of the opinion that they should provide their kids with whatever they experimented with.”

Chaka is in the UK promoting her recent album Funk This which was released in the US in September last year. chaka

With Flesh-N-Bone finally released from prison after serving close to 10 years it looks like BT&H fans will be happy to hear another album from the Cleveland collective is in the works. The five will be releasing their project through Full Surface, Swizz Beat’s Interscope imprint and are said to be already hard at work having being reunited after years of issues and sentencing kept them apart. BT&H