Hey world, this is iHipHop writer/blogger Dan, coming to you straight from Russia. I am away for a few weeks, and have not contributed in a few days if you haven’t noticed, but I am reporting at 3:30 AM local time to bring you news on The Blueprint 3!


So, at Kanye’s last GITD stop in NYC, he brought out Jay-Z to perform a track entitled “Jockin’ Jay-Z,” before which he announced Blueprint 3 was on the way. Now, DJ Mick Boogie has come out and told the world that The Blueprint 3 is entirely produced by Kanye, not Timbaland! Turns out, Kanye was out in Hawaii and he produced the entire album, and it’s set to drop in the first week of December. We all know Jigga is a 4th quarter man, and if you’re like me and you couldn’t wait till ’09 for another album, rejoice! A few months back, I told told co-workers that it seemed like Jay couldn’t wait another year to drop another album, and gladly I was right. 


Kanye has produced hits like “Heart of the City,” “Encore” and “This Can’t be Life” for Jay, so this album should be absolutely retarded, in a good way. Check out the video link here to hear a snippet of “Jockin Jay-Z.” Thought the track is not typical Kanye soul-inspired, it’s fu*king hard and hot. News like this makes me excited about hip-hop and music in general.


“They should’ve told that bloke from Oasis I’m a rockstar!” – God MC, J-Hova

Jay-Z Timbaland

Jay-Z’s been the most consistent hit-maker in hip-hop for over a decade now. Through retirements and comebacks, Jay is still making music and is slated to drop three more albums over the next ten years through Roc Nation. According to Timbaland, he’ll be the sole producer on Jay’s upcoming project, and he believes he can bring Jay an entire album of “Big Pimpin”-esque tracks. Timbo also told MTV, “He wants me to do the whole thing this time around. I’mma make it a classic too. You better believe it.” Though some die-hard fans of Jay’s may be a little hesitant of the collaboration and would rather hear 9th Wonder or Pharrell for an entire album, they can rest assured Jay has always had a great ear for production.

The album won’t be released until at least the 4th quarter, according to Timbo, so while you wait check out the throwback video for “Big Pimpin.”

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