Star Trak signee Rosco P. Coldchain made waves a few years back with features on Clones and Lord Willin’. I personally really liked him and thought he had great potential, but his album got shelved after Aristsa/Interscope merged. He’s now planning his long-awaited album and is supposedly working with DJ Premier for the entire album. In the interview, Rosco said, “Yes people, it’s official, me and Premo are back at it. Premo is the best thing to happen to me since stink on shit and swiss cheese. Ya dig? He might be doing my whole muthafuckin’ album. I’m trying to keep busy.”


Rosco is a talented artists, and this would be a huge album if it actually happens. Stay tuned for more info on the Rosco/Premo album.







perspective‘s two cents: I’m going to give you a track I like from Rosco. It’s called “Disappointment” and it’s pretty sick. He has some other sick song that i’m now trying to find on the internet somewhere. For now this will do. I think he jacked his name from some show, but I still like it. Rappers need to be more creative with their names. Edit: I still can’t find the song I’m looking for, but here is another Rosco joint.

“Disappointment”- Rosco P. Coldchain

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“Story Joint”- Rosco P. Coldchain

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