Video: Yo Gotti – “Errrbody”

 |  August 13, 2014

Yo Gotti asks an important question: if everybody’s doing it, what makes it special? This is probably his most meta track, calling into question most of hip hop’s modern existence by comparing it to itself. Strangely, he uses suburban white kids copying urban style to make the point. Ominous much? Check the video after the jump.
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She of the “controversial” art work is here with the song behind the cheeky cover. We were moved to talk butt politics when it first appeared as a Nicki Instagram post. How is the track in comparison to the amazing duo of the cover? Fairly, it objectifies men in the way that Nicki gets objectified every day. Appropriate subversion noted. Listen after the jump.
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Future is releasing something new that will likely redefine rap as much as he first did with his alien style two years ago. He refuses to choose between singing and bleating or rapping and groaning and that refusal has brought him to new planes of robot rap existence. Here’s one version of his song “Rock Star.” Listen after the jump.
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