Video: Spooky Black – “Reason”

 |  August 29, 2014

As it turns out, up is down this year and down is up. Spooky Black, who is this unassuming kid from St. Paul, Minnesota, dropped this homage to deep house and challenging R&B. He’s moaning and emoting remarkably well for someone with few life experiences and even fewer facial whiskers. His slow chants should not be left in the hands of emo teenagers locked in their rooms…cuz sh*t is deep. Check the spooky visual after the jump.
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Lil Bibby is a young kid with a grown gruff voice. This makes it seem like his words have more authority than they do. So then, he can get away with saying brash sh*t like “f*ck is you saying? what is you doin? why is you playin?” and it sounds like more than a juvenile threat. This is the ethos of his latest mixtape “Free Crack”. Check “For The Low” after the jump.
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Rap jester RiFF RaFF and acts like him are a mainstream mainstay. What they mean is not as important as what they say or what they’re symbols for: products. His guest spot here would be as effective on a top 100 country song or a Miley Cyrus banger. Katy Perry is also a function of the track she’s on, but not much without it.
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